We here at Sydney First Gear Driving School, we pride in the fact that we have been the most aspiring driving school in Rockdale, Sydney for years now.

Our unique accelerated driving lessons at our driving school in Sydney ensure that our students learn more with every class. What’s more, you get to do so through a wide variety of cars from our expert and enthusiastic driver trainers.

Most importantly, our team of expert instructors ensure that we deliver safer and better drivers into the community.

By enhancing skill and confidence, we teach students to drive safely and correctly.

Unfortunately, most people join a driving school with the primary aim of passing the test and acquiring a licence. Several statistics show that passing the test and acquiring a license isn’t necessarily a measure of how safe a driver will be on the road. Needless to say, there are innumerable consequences of poor driving skills.

Our Curriculum

  • Sure, any licenced driver can teach you how to drive, but our focus has always been to produce safe drivers through our driving lessons.
  • At the end of our lessons, our students are capable of doing much more than when they started.
  • All our lessons are structured in a way which produces tangible results.

Our Trainers

  • Over the years we have acquired some of the most qualified and expert instructors in the industry.
  • Our instructors make sure that every student gets equal attention and is always available for solving queries or any problems which our students might face.

Why choose us?

  • Quality dual control vehicles
  • Highly qualified professional driver instructors
  • Flexibility on start and en locations
  • Value for money at the cheapest driving school in Sydney
  • Help from the first moment of enquiry

We fully understand the fact that driving safely and carefully is imperative to reduce the chances of road crashes and the trauma associate with it. Precisely for this reason, we are fully committed to help you save your time and money by providing industry best driving lessons.

We have always prioritised client convenience at our Driving School Rockdale Sydney which is why we ensure that our driving lessons are one of the cheapest in the market.

Here at Sydney First Gear Driving, you will be assisted by reliable, honest and dedicated people. Our hope is by teaching you, we are not only helping you drive safely but are also contributing to the safety of the whole community.


“I passed my Car licence driving test the first time with First Gear Driving School. Thanks to Mr Alam who patiently trained me to operate and drive a car safely. I can recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to become a good driver.”

I really appreciated your teaching style, personal approach, and invaluable defensive driving tips. My experience with First Gear Driving School was fantastic. Thank you so much.

“Thanks Mr Alam, I passed my Car license and I’m very happy.”


I would highly recommend First Gear Driving School. My instructor, Khorshed, helped me gain a lot of confidence in my driving. He’s always punctual and very patient with me. He helped correct a lot of my problem areas, such as lane-changing, speed control, road positioning and turning. I was so happy to be able to pass my driving test on my first attempt. The driving lessons were really tailored to the test. Thank you for being a great teacher Khorshed!
我好高兴我考驾照第一次就通过了! 我好多朋友都对我说考两三次不稀奇. 幸好我找到了个非常优秀又有耐心的驾驶教练. 过他的教导我对开车不再感到紧张或害怕. 我的很多小毛病也被他纠正了. 这所驾驶学校的教练真不错!

What an experience it was for me to get the driving lessons from Sydney First Gear Driving School! The driving instructors there are not just well trained and knowledgeable but also very polite and friendly in nature. On the basis of their modern methodologies for driving training, it would be fair enough to say that they are imparting the best driving lessons in Sydney.